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Debt Recovery

Maximize your profits by leveraging effective Debt Collection and Delinquency Prevention services.

Debt recovery done in a professional manner builds a lasting business without losing hold of the company’s reputation. We at Pro-Tel Marketing Ltd., have specialists who are trained to give positive light to your business while recovering your funds that are held by those you’ve transacted with in the past. Our debt collection method is tactical and professionally executed by our well trained staff. Persuasiveness, persistence and consistent skill with professionalism are the standards our collectors pride themselves in and this make us stand out among our peers. We save you the time for other things as we go about our debt collection strategy.

The second component is the Debt Delinquency Prevention service. This service is specifically designed to reduce the risk of having an account become delinquent. We believe one of the best methods to significantly reduce the number of accounts that becomes delinquent is by being proactive. Through our contact center we have our trained specialist, on behalf of your company, contact those customers; who has an inconsistent pattern of making payment on their existing debts 25-30 days prior to their due date for making payments on their account, giving them a friendly and professional reminder to make payment. This call is also made to establish if the customer foresees any difficulty making payment by the due date and if they need to renegotiate their payment schedule based on their personal situation. We work with Banks, Credit Unions, Student Loan Bureaus, Large Retailers and Wholesalers and government agencies to reduce their bad debt on their books. Contact us today and learn more.

Our debt collection and delinquency prevention services are designed to do the following;

  • Increase collection on delinquent accounts by a noticeable percentage
  • Reduce the delinquency percentage on accounts bringing it down to an acceptable level

Increased product and brand awareness through strategic telemarketing and text messaging campaigns.