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Why Choose Us?

Here are reasons why you would want to do business with Pro-Tel Marketing Ltd. We are confident we can deliver these and other great benefits to your business.

At Pro-Tel Marketing Ltd., we understand that being a near shore Contact Center, places us in a unique position. It allows us to offer our contact center solutions to our US, Canadian, UK and Australian clients’ at very competitive cost without sacrificing quality. Our contact centers are located in the English speaking Caribbean islands of Jamaica and St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Our location makes us the perfect outsourcing alternative location to India and the Philippines. Here are ten Reasons you will love doing business with us.

  1. Our management team 30 years of industry experience and expertise combined with our state of the art technology will produce optimum efficiency, and quality delivery of services. We are able to cut your cost and increase your productivity while maintaining quality.
  2. Users of our services reduce their cost significantly with us without sacrificing quality. Some clients were able to save as much as 30-50% on cost. It certainly will cost less than it would cost to operate in the USA, CANADA, UK and AUSTRALIA. We offer our clients, three types of compensation model to choose from; Pay per Performance (PPP), Hourly Rate model and a HYBRID payment model; which is a low end hourly rate plus commission based on performance achieved.
  3. English is the First Language for of all our Telemarketing and Sales Agents. Agents are naturally friendly and very easy to understand, hence, there is no need for speech coaching.
  4. Our Agents have a cultural affinity to North America way of life. Therefore, they can easily relate to your customers.
  5. Our Telemarketing and Sales Agents have at least a college level education and most of them see working in a Contact Center as a viable career opportunity. Because of this we enjoy a high staff retention rate which is important in a knowledge base industry.
  6. Our locations are in Close Proximity to the US and Canada (just a few hours traveling in a day to reach our location from North America.
  7. We share the same time zone as the United States east coast states.
  8. Our work force is trained to deliver the same level of Quality service to your customers as you would expect to have when doing it yourself in house.
  9. We currently enjoy a very stable political environment, (Westminster Democracy, elections are due every 5 years and current government policies are favorable to Contact Centers)
  10. Stable, Reliable Telecom and Electricity Infrastructure, power outages are infrequent. This contributes to rare occurrence of our contact center downtime.
If you’re looking to build a long term partnership with a Contact Center that will cut your cost and deliver quality results at the same time; then you have been looking for us. Call us today at 646-395-0559 or email us at [email protected]. Feel free to download our brochure to learn more.