Comprehensive Marketing and Sales Support through One Source!

About Us

Protel Marketing Inc. stands out in the Business Outsourcing Contact Center industry for delivering quality-centered solutions that cut costs and boost efficiencies globally. Our operational excellence and industry expertise ensure clients achieve remarkable results without compromising on quality and productivity. Partner with us for a transformative experience that is reflective of industry high standards, driving your business to new heights of success.


Welcome to Protel Marketing Inc., a leading USA-based company headquartered in Haverhill, Florida, with strategically located nearshore Caribbean Contact Centers in St. Vincent & The Grenadines and Jamaica. We specialize in providing top-notch Business Outsourcing Contact Center Solutions that not only expand our clients’ brand reach but also enhance customer support, facilitate existing customer relationships, and drive targeted marketing and sales efforts to acquire new customers.

Why choose Protel?

Our quality-driven Contact Center solutions offer unmatched results, ensuring increased productivity and significant cost savings for your company. With over five (5) decades of collective industry experience, our management team brings invaluable expertise, guiding our well-trained and flexible Contact Center Service Experts (CCSEs) to operate seamlessly as an extension of your company.

Our collaborative approach involves understanding the unique needs and goals of our clients and their market. Setting targets, planning meticulously, and executing campaigns with precision, we consistently exceed expectations. Small, medium, and large companies trust Protel Marketing Inc. as their go-to Contact Center to enhance productivity and cut costs without compromising quality.

Explore our inbound and outbound Contact Center Solutions designed for quality-driven outcomes. Our adaptable CCSEs ensure professional and efficient customer interactions, seamlessly promoting your brand. Contact us today and discover how you can have Professional Live CCSEs handling Inbound, Outbound, and Live Chat and Customer Email interactions. Contact us and learn how you can take advantage of a two-week test period at a reduce cost before making a long term commitment with Protel Marketing Inc.

At Protel Marketing Inc. we provide; “Comprehensive Marketing and Sales Solutions through One Source.

Contact us today and learn how you can lower your total cost while maintaining and enhancing your brand integrity.