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About Us

Pro-Tel Marketing Ltd.. has a leading record in global business process outsourcing. Pro-Tel offers business value to numerous global clients by combining operational excellence with deep expertise in key industry verticals.

Are you looking to maximize the productivity of your company while at the same time saving tremendously on cost? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. Pro-Tel Marketing Ltd., got you covered! We are one of the leading accomplished call centers with locations ideally located across the English speaking Caribbean, which delivers outstanding services to clients throughout; USA, Canada, UK, Australia and the Caribbean Islands. Our call center locations offer near-shore services which operate as an extension of our clients. Our operations are located in the Caribbean islands of St. Vincent & the Grenadines and Jamaica.

Having managed to maintain reputation for delivering quality result over the years, we guarantee our esteemed clients top-notch services devoid of any costly shortcomings. We always strive to put a smile on your face as an evidence of our unending compulsion to meet your demands. We boast a leading record in global business process outsourcing.

Our top-class services fall into two main categories. These are identified as the Inbound  and Outbound Call Center Services. For the Inbound Services, we focus primarily on; Customer Service, Answering Service (Healthcare Answering Services), Inbound Sales and Order Taking and Tech Support. For the Outbound Services, our focus majorly dwells on; Lead Generation, New Customer Acquisition, Appointment Setting, Surveys and Market Research, Collections, Fundraising, Outbound Sales and Social Media Marketing and Management.

We understand our clients needs must be served meticulously. Consequently, we have employed an adroit team to attend to your needs with sheer expertise round the clock. We are pleased to admit that our team is highly versatile and resilient and boasts over 30 years of relevant industry experience. At Pro-Tel Marketing Ltd., we not only display a professional outlook but we deliver measurable results that set us apart from the competition. Quality matters and we know how to deliver just that to our clients.

Moreover, we have considered training our team of sales and customer support agents on various ways of orchestrating a profusion of inbound services to optimize productivity through excellent communication with clients. You can expect prompt and up to par email responses on your behalf as you go about your other schedules. Pro-Tel Marketing Ltd., always got your back!

Have you ever spent your money on a particular service only to end up failing to procure the satisfaction you anticipated? Maybe you were at the wrong place. Our company offers you value for money by making debt collection a walk in the park for your company. As a matter of fact, this is where our highly-experienced team utterly employs its preeminent skills. We will always strive to maintain a good relationship with your customers even as we focus on delivering on our promises and obligations.

Nowadays, high-end technology is a “must do”, for any business organization looking to thrive in any competitive market. Many organizations are now embracing the need to integrate up to the minute technology within their business environment. Pro-Tel Marketing Ltd, keeps your company updated with state-of-the-art technology that sees you operate your business smoothly to help you deliver ideal Outbound and Inbound Contact Center Solutions.

At times, finding reliable clients can be a tall order. We understand this having remained active in the market for 10 years and counting. Based on our great experience, we will effortlessly help you find the best and compliant clients that will see you drive your company directly to the right and productive direction replete with tremendous profits. In addition, we will take full responsibility for your clients by giving them the necessary guidance as they acquaint themselves with your company. Besides, we relieve you the burden of having to update your customer database. Our special team will watch over your customer database while updating it consistently and accordingly. Consider working with us for a gratifying experience!  At Pro-Tel Marketing Ltd., we offer; “Comprehensive Marketing and Sales Solutions through One Source.