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Customer Acquisition

Protel Marketing Inc. understands the importance for clients to acquire new customers and keep them. Our Customer Acquisition and Retention programs can give you that increase you desire while keeping your existing customers satisfied. These include simple to complex telemarketing, outbound sales call; warm or cold calling. Equipped with a broad understanding of your products and services, our call agents are able to maximize the quality of every customer call by up-selling and cross-selling additional services. We do all this with the objective of increasing your revenue and widening your client base. You can rest assured that we will do what is required and necessary to make and keep your customers satisfied. Our specialized training and orientation prepare our team to build and ensure strong relationships with your customers by being able to answer all their questions, address their concerns, make sure they have the best service they can possibly get, and determine what other needs they have that your products and services can satisfy. We treat your customers just as you would want them to be treated; with the highest level of quality service to satisfy their needs, so they are happy to continue doing business with you.