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Optimal Contact Center performance relies on both skilled personnel and advanced technology. The choice of technology significantly influences service efficiency and quality. Protel Marketing Inc. prioritizes excellence, investing substantially in a cutting-edge, web-based CRM, and predictive dialer platform. This commitment ensures that every interaction with our clients’ customers or prospects is handled with care and precision, guaranteeing the secure handling and storage of their data.


Ensuring a thriving Contact Center: involves the perfect synergy of adept personnel and cutting-edge technology. At Protel Marketing Inc., we recognize that technology is a linchpin, influencing service efficiency and quality. To guarantee every interaction with our clients’ customers or prospects is handled with care, precision, and utmost security, we have heavily invested in a state-of-the-art, web-based CRM, and predictive dialer platform.

Our commitment to excellence: extends beyond mere investment; it encompasses the strategic utilization of modern telecommunication software technology. This empowers us to efficiently and effectively engage with large audiences simultaneously, swiftly penetrating new markets as we acquire and service customers on behalf of our clients. This guarantees that the messages our clients wish to convey are delivered with precision, clarity, and timeliness.

At the core of our technology arsenal: lies the Call Center Predictive Dialer Platform—a versatile tool designed to cater to various sales-oriented needs. Capable of making and receiving thousands of calls daily with minimal effort, it features Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities, empowering customers to navigate information seamlessly without waiting in call queues, reducing the need for numerous agents.

Our SMS/MMS Marketing Platform: complements this, enabling the bulk delivery of text and multimedia messages to customers with whom our clients already have established business relationships. Furthermore, our technology prowess extends to Social Media Marketing, allowing us to harness these platforms effectively for customer acquisition and retention. These tools collectively eradicate the time spent on prospecting, boost sales, and streamline customer relations services.

Direct communication with the market: is imperative for businesses and organizations, traditionally a costly venture. However, Protel Marketing Inc. transforms this landscape, offering affordable services that make direct communication a strategic advantage. Let Protel Marketing Inc. be the catalyst that elevates your company’s profitability, marking the crucial difference in your journey to success.