Comprehensive Marketing and Sales Support through One Source!


Having the right technology in a contact center is as important as having the right people in place. The technology used can greatly impact the quality of service offered. This is why Pro-Tel Marketing Ltd., has invested heavily in a cutting edge, totally web based predictive dialer platform to make sure that every call that we make or receive on our clients’ behalf is handled with care, precision and their data stored securely.

Pro-Tel Marketing Ltd., utilizes modern telecommunication technology to provide solutions that are cost efficient but yet very effective in penetrating new markets. As we acquire new customers and service the existing ones on our clients’ behalf, they can be confident knowing that the specific message that they want to communicate to their customers will be delivered with precision, clarity and timeliness.

Pro-Tel Marketing Ltd., will achieve your company’s goals through the use of our most reliable and state of the art medium.

  • Call Center Predictive Dialer Platform- This Platform is created to provide a number of customer service and sales oriented options. We are able to make and receive thousands of calls each day with minimal effort. We have Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities that allow a customer to use their touch-tone telephone to find the information they need and avoid waiting in call queues. Fewer agents are therefore required.
  • SMS/MMS Marketing Platform– This Platform is designed to send bulk text massages in both SMS and MMS format to customers you already have a business relationship with.
  • Social Media Marketing- Our technology allows us to leverage effective social media marketing to generate thousands of new customers. These platforms are all designed to eliminate time wasting on prospecting for new clients, increase sales and provide an efficient customer relation service.

It is imperative that Businesses and Organizations are able to communicate directly with their market. This can be a costly venture if done independently. However, after acquiring the services of Pro-Tel Marketing Ltd., this will be achieved at an affordable cost.  Pro-Tel Marketing Ltd., can be that difference that makes your company more profitable.