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Appointment Setting

Many businesses don’t get the sales in without initially connecting and communicating with the lead or prospect. This is the most difficult part of business development and growth. Protel Marketing Inc. stands ready to offer a seamless solution for the appointment setting needs of your business.  Most sales executives spend a great deal of their time sourcing prospects and less time closing the sale. Our highly skilled and professional staff specializes in delivering highly qualified leads for your sales executive. Having a steady stream of quality prospects is critical for any business and we know how to get you the prospects you need. Free your sales executive from the time-consuming task of finding prospects and allow them to focus on what they do best; “Closing Sale”.  Our approach is simple. We connect with your brand just as your staff will do, with excitement and proven methods as we interact with the lead that will eventually become a part of your brand’s loyalists. Our cost-effective strategies will both save you extra spending on the conventional appointment setting methods in the past.

If your company has already spent time and money to develop a great product/service to offer, then your next mission is to market it to the right decision-makers.  This is the sure way to increase your business opportunities that will result in the generation of a steady flow of revenue for your company.  Protel Marketing Inc. works with clients across the globe to develop and execute well-planned, professional Appointment Setting campaigns, this ensures that their sales executives have a solid pipeline of quality prospects to sell to.  Instead of prospecting, they can now focus on closing the sale.  Protel Marketing Inc. contact center agents are mature, intelligent, confident, and very skilled at qualifying prospects by engaging in meaningful conversation to uncover personal or business needs and the timing of their requirements.  They are experts in building rapport with prospects. This ensures that your sales executives have the opportunity to sit with the correct decision maker in your specific marketplace.

Protel Marketing Inc. uses a proven method of B2C and B2B lead generation and appointment setting to support your sales teams in the field so that your costly sales resource can be focused on giving their attention to prospects who are ready to do business with them. Quality lead generation will no doubt, result in more sales, giving you success and peace of mind. Our results speak for themselves: on average, our clients are able to convert 60%-73% of our sales appointments into new business. By outsourcing your appointment setting to Protel Marketing Inc. you are assured of a consistent, well-targeted, approach to your market, delivered by well-trained, motivated, and managed personnel.

Financial, Insurance, HVAC, Tour, and Solar Energy companies are a few of the industries that rapidly increase and maintain their sales volume by using our contact center Appointment Setting solutions. Our network is able to interact with various platforms. No need to acquire a new system as our agents will be trained to use what you already have in house.  Contact us, and learn how you can have Professional Live CCSEs to handle your Inbound, Outbound, and Chat interaction with customers and prospects starting as low as $7.00US/Per Hour.